Properties of plastic products for food packaging

Plastic used as packaging materials, that is, the emergence of plastic products for food packaging is a sign of the development of modern packaging technology. It is a new packaging material with the fastest development and huge consumption in the world in the past 30 years. It is widely used in food packaging, replacing a large number of traditional packaging materials such as glass metal and paper, and becoming the main packaging materials for food sales and packaging.The advantages of plastics in food packaging, especially in thermoforming products, are reflected in the following five aspects.

1 light

The relative density of plastic is only 1 / 8 ~ 1 of steel, 1 / 3 ~ 2 / 3 of aluminum and 1 / 3 ~ 2 / 3 of glass. The strength calculated according to the unit mass of materials is high, so the packaging containers and products made are light in weight, convenient for storage, transportation, sale and carrying. The good mechanical properties of plastic packaging materials make it easy to form, process and operate, and to realize high-speed automation of food packaging.

2、 Good impermeability

The selection of suitable plastic packaging materials can meet the requirements of airtightness, such as air resistance, fragrance retention, water-proof, moisture-proof and so on, as well as the requirements of air permeability for fresh food.

3、 Packaging products have good molding and processing performance

It can be processed into film, sheet, ribbon fabric and containers of various shapes to meet the needs of various kinds of food packaging and other packaging. Plastic packaging materials have good heat sealing and sealing performance, and frogs are easy to composite with other materials, to make up for the defects of single material packaging performance, and to build composite packaging materials with excellent comprehensive packaging performance.

4、 Good decorative performance

Plastic can be made into transparent packaging materials to reflect the visibility of packaging. It can also give beautiful patterns and bright colors to packaging through coloring, printing and other methods to improve the display effect of commodities, so as to establish the image of commodities and promote sales.

5、 Good chemical stability

Health and safety. Plastic can resist the corrosion of general acid, alkali, salt and grease. Most plastic packaging materials can meet the requirements of food packaging health and safety. With the development of modern science and technology, there are more and more kinds of plastics, which greatly promote the development of new composite materials and the application of packaging.


Post time: Jun-03-2019

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